Become a partner and start selling gift cards in our local community

But first, please take some time to read more about the process.

The application to become a partner business with Give Have Need will collect some basic information about you and your business that will help us help you get rolling as quickly as possible. Please fill out all fields to the best of your ability to ensure that processing goes quickly and smoothly.

By submitting this application, you are acknowledging that Improve Norwich Now (I.N.N.) is not acting as an agent or subsidiary of your business. We are offering this service as a courtesy to support local business and as an opportunity for the community to support local business during the current shutdown of non-essential businesses. You are also acknowledging that you are a registered business with a government tax ID in Chenango County, NY.

It is also the responsibility of participating businesses to ensure that any proceeds made from the sale of gift cards online do not exceed or conflict with unemployment benefit collections or any other applicable federal or state laws. Please also be aware that a small transaction fee is applied to all online transactions simply to cover the cost of processing each successful charge to credit and debit cards. This cost goes to Stripe, which is a third-party vendor used to process online payments. Click here to see more information about Stripe’s processing fees.

Improve Norwich Now will take a $1 processing fee for each weekly check sent out to participating businesses to cover the cost of check printing and postage. No additional fees will be applied to the purchasing customer or the participating business.